Dream a Little Dream

All of my best lives are in dreams

This journal may contain explicit adult content.

28 April 1969
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
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I may or may not be real, depending on the day and the phase of the moon. I am the King of Elfland's daughter (the key to the door is still in my pocket) and a whisper on the wind. I am made up of nothing more than wishes and dreams, and if I told you all of my secrets, there would be nothing left of me at all.

I am moody, mercurial, and often contradictory. This is perfectly normal, no need for alarm. Please keep all parcels and limbs inside the carriage at all times, don't look down, keep your seatbelts firmly fastened as turbulence, whimsy and melancholy may be encountered at any time. Watch your step, mind your head, no smoking or eating of smoked herrings, and as always - mind the gap!

'Twould seem important to add that almost all of my journal is friends-locked - if you're interested in having a look around, post a response to one of the few public posts telling me who you are and you're pretty much guaranteed to be added as a friend. While it's not imperative, I do enjoy being added back. I suppose I look on that as a "I've trusted you with personal and private parts of me, so hopefully you will do the same."
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